Maximizing Value from Energy Assets

New white paper on how to uncover hidden value and identify new revenue streams in physical energy assets.

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Maximizing Value from Energy Assets

Better Risk Analytics Power Our
Derivatives Management System

Control your costs and maximize your capital with our hosted derivatives trading and operational processing solution.

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OpenLink solutions for derivatives trading and operational processing

Coal Supply Management
and Trading

Power the world from the ground up!

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Collateral Management Accolades

Analysts praise our Collateral Management Solution for delivering cross asset product coverage with seamless integration between the collateral and risk management functions.

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OpenLink Collateral Management Solution

Commodities Sourcing & Risk Management

Transparency, controls & compliance, forecasting…managing your total margin in the Food & Beverage Industry

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Food and Beverage

Agricultural Commodity Management

Know your positions, risk and P&L across commodities and financial instruments and then drill down to investigate areas of concern to the transaction level.

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Agricultural commodity management

Be Ready for Regulatory Compliance

Our Dodd-Frank Compliance Solutions deliver high-value solutions with immediate benefits, helping you meet CFTC regulatory compliance standards.

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Regulatory Compliance - Dodd-Frank, EMIR, REMIT

Enhanced Decision Making...

through integrated bar management. Proven metals solution that allows businesses to manage their derivatives and complex movements of physical metal.

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Solutions for base metals and precious metals

Improve Your Fuel Management Processes

Learn how airlines can reduce costs across their fuel supply chain and improve the productivity of personnel involved in all aspects of fuel management.

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Airline Fuel Management

What's in Your Treasurer's Toolbox?

Changing expectations and new risks in liquidity management are affecting corporate Treasury. Find out which tools industry experts advise corporates use to protect assets in the future.

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Webcast: Risk Managemen in Treasury
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Cutting-edge solutions underpinned by innovative technology architecture

OpenLink’s solutions are built on top of the most modern and industry-standard technology platform available today. OpenLink’s innovative Service Oriented Architecture fully exploits the underlying platform and is the foundation that powers our award-winning solutions.

OpenLink’s architecture provides unparalleled performance, reliability and flexibility that your growing organization would come to expect in the leading global provider of trading and risk management, logistics and decision-support software solutions. OpenLink’s architecture is a result of continual extensive research by our technology team whose passion is to deliver the most advanced architecture possible.

Our integrated, cross-market solutions are scalable and extensible. Such adaptability has helped OpenLink to establish a truly diverse client base—from vertically-integrated energy firms to food manufacturers, travel companies to hedge funds, mining companies to central banks and utilities to financial services firms. OpenLink's unwavering commitment to product development enables us to develop solutions with unrivalled functionality that can meet all of your business challenges tomorrow and beyond.

Key Features

Scalability and Performance

OpenLink’s high-performance grid technology powers all our data and computational intensive services. We offer a library of business oriented grid-enabled services that may be used out-the-box to fulfill business processes that require high-performance calculations and reporting.

By leveraging OpenLink’s architecture, clients can effectively scale their infrastructure to accommodate a significant increase in transactions, data and user base whether it is locally or in other geographical locations without any change to the software.

Real-Time Components

OpenLink’s also offers a high-performance data grid with real-time aggregation and events that can virtually crunch through unlimited amounts of data for applications with real-time data requirements.

Cloud Computing

OpenLink offers a completely managed cloud infrastructure with the flexibility and elasticity options for it to seamlessly scale alongside with our clients’ growing business.

High Availability

OpenLink’s Messaging, Grid and Cloud infrastructure delivers 100% availability through clustering and fault tolerance technology, ensuring data and transaction integrity and reliability.


Our next generation mobile solutions are being designed from the ground up with standards-based technologies and Cloud computing at its core. A variety of OpenLink’s existing capabilities are now available on smart mobile devices.

Interfacing and Extensibility

OpenLink's architecture offers unparalleled flexibility and configurations and is based on industry standard technologies. We recognize that you could need to customize a system to your own unique requirements. We have vast experience of helping clients with requirements ranging from alternative deal-capture screens, proprietary pricing models and e-commerce functionality to those wanting interface to more complex systems or facilities. Whatever your need, our Integration and Extensibility solutions help make customizations and integration as seamless as possible.

Security and Reliability

We’ve built industrial strength authentication and authorization into the OpenLink Architecture to provide the highest-level of security and reliability across all our solutions. Our solutions also provide full transparency by providing comprehensive system and audit log for complete management and compliance.