Maximizing Value from Energy Assets

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Maximizing Value from Energy Assets

10 Years at the Top: OpenLink Continues
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OpenLink's proprietary Market Standard Implementation Models are a time-saving, cost-effective way for clients to streamline deployment of C/ETRM systems.

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European Power and Gas Trading solution - learn more!

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Our suite of Dodd-Frank regulatory compliance solutions deliver high-value solutions with immediate benefits for energy markets.

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Regulatory compliance solutions


OpenLink provides complete solutions for planning, procuring, processing, managing, moving and trading commodities and energy, right along the workflow from trade capture to accounting, risk, reporting and compliance. 

Why OpenLink?

OpenLink provides complete trade and risk management solutions for energy and power companies in all areas of the supply chain.

One Solution from Front to Back Office

With OpenLink you get one integrated solution from trade capture, valuation, compliance and limits monitoring to scheduling, logistics and inventory management right through to risk management, settlement, accounting and treasury management.

As a result, trade processes are streamlined and the business gets more timely and accurate information for decision making.

Support for Aggregated Physical-to-Financial Views

Our solution covers the full range of physical commodities including oil, gas, metals, coal, power, emissions and agriculture as well as financial contracts. We can do this because we have a flexible model structure that supports virtually any type of transaction and contract from simple physical spot to structured delivery through to complex derivatives.

With our real-time reporting tools, you can see your aggregated positions, risk and P&L across multiple commodities and financial instruments and then drill down to investigate areas of concern to the transaction level, at the click of a mouse.

Inventory Management

Our solution captures deals that impact position or inventory including storage, cargos and in-transit to provide accurate balance, statement reporting and inventory valuations.

This improved supply chain visibility and the ability to analyze current and projected inventory balances provides the information needed to optimize inventory levels.

Integrated Logistics

With OpenLink you can manage purchases against a budgeted requirement and seamlessly coordinate with schedulers managing transportation.

Our solution manages the flow of scheduling and inventory information from nomination through movement for all major transportation methods. And you can see and track product flows over time.

So you can coordinate complex buying and logistical activities, reducing operational disruption and associated costs.

Power Generation Optimization

With OpenLink you can model multiple generating units (e.g. hydro, thermal, wind) and fuels sources (e.g. gas, coal, oil) together in a single run; importantly our model also takes storage capabilities into account. This is possible because our optimization engine supports a broad range of optimization approaches and comes with an extensive library of components, allowing you to analyze different types of plant and fuel sources in one, integrated model.

Furthermore, the solution supports route optimization that takes into account congestion on the supply network – enabling you to factor transmission constraints into your models.          

As a result, you can fully take advantage of any interplay opportunities between different fuels, and you can properly take into account geographical location of plants versus transmission losses when optimizing generating mix.

Regulatory Compliance

We are committed to staying at the forefront of regulatory reforms by working closely with regulators, clearing houses, service providers and trade data repositories to address regulatory challenges for our customers.

Future Risk Exposure and Stress Testing

The OpenLink solution provides extensive stress testing functionality enabling you to model complex scenarios with a wide range of input factors. Our simulation engine provides a powerful and consistent application of risk factor shocks regardless of market. Risk can be attributed to hypothetical movements of any magnitude including rates, FX, commodities and inflation.

Using OpenLink you get a better understanding of liquidity, credit and market risks under a wider range of circumstances.

Enterprise Risk

The OpenLink enterprise credit solution extracts the relevant underlying data from multiple trading systems at lowest level of granularity. The data is then held in an in-memory cube, which means you can query data and create reports or views in seconds.          

This means you can start from a consolidated global view by counterparty and then drill all the way down to the individual trade legs if required. You have confidence that the data will be correct, and you no longer rely on spreadsheets and the people who understand them to produce the views and reports you need.

Global Cash Forecasting

Our treasury management solution allows you to create a standard format for divisions and subsidiaries around the world to report their cash forecasts. With more configurability and flexibility you can set it up to work the way your business is structured, and to view and analyze the data however you want to.

So you can increase productivity, get more control and visibility across the organization and improve compliance. Finally, faster and more accurate reporting enables you to make decisions more quickly.

Process Automation

With OpenLink you can visually map business process workflows via point and click configuration and access any data (e.g. reference, trade/deals, accounting) captured by the system for that workflow. Once created business processes can be executed consistently and monitored in real-time for compliance.  

The solution can check for compliance breaches in pre-process and post-process services. If there is a breach, an alert will be sent and/or the operation will be blocked. Once a pre-processing alert occurs, a separate workflow can be initiated to address the situation.  

As a result you can improve productivity, minimize errors and enforce polices. 

High Performance Technology

Our solution uses an in-memory database for fast storage and retrieval of massive amounts of data. This ensures the OpenLink solution scales as transaction volumes grow and is able to deliver aggregated real-time position reporting for the largest trading operation.

With an enterprise-wide view of P&L available in real-time you can take swift action as market conditions change.

Open and Extensible

The OpenLink platform has been designed from the ground up to be open and extensible with APIs and client development environments enabling you to fully integrate in-house or 3rd party pricing models.

This eliminates the need to manually import and export data between 3rd party models and the trading platform; reducing manual effort and eliminating errors.

To find out about the asset classes we support across interest rates, credit, FX, equity, commodity and associated derivative products click here.

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